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➡️ Migrating to Typerepo

There's a lot of steps involved in migrating an existing codebase to start using Typerepo.

Getting it to run
  1. Clone the repo
  2. Copy your apps to the apps folder, your packages to the packages folder.
  3. Fix package versioning problems (you can just have one version per package, or you need to use nohoist
  4. Ensure everything builds and can be rebuilt with rebuildOperation. If not, have a look at the conventions. The most common problem is that you are doing stuff in index files, which is not allowed.
  5. Ensure the SDK can be generated with generateSdkOperations. If not, you have some problems in applying all conventions...

This may seem like a daunting task, and it probably is. If you need help, don't hestitate to contact us on Slack. We would love to learn more about making migrations to Typerepo easier. We'll even help you for free to a certain point!